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A redesign of a website space and structure makes it more attractive and convenient for the efficient retrieval of information for your visitors.

Web redesign is a process of getting the existing content more logically connected and presentable to incentivise visitors into web actions that are desirable to you. This design phase requires a specific skillset; not only having an eye for design, but also understanding the limitations of developing it. Establishing the principles of UI/UX design puts you in a better light compared to your competitors.

A bad website is like a grumpy salesperson.

Jacob Nielsen | Principal, Nielsen Norman Group

Difference between UI & UX Design

User Interface (UI) is the front-end of the website, how it looks and the general aesthetics of it. UI design is what we usually call graphics design, albeit with a more complex responsibility. It looks at the colours of the buttons, the fonts, the layouts and readibility of the text, and so on, with the objective to develop the style of the project and having the consistency and match of the visuals and logical structure of the website.

User Experience (UX) goes beyond the looks. UX Design deals with the emotions, impressions and perceptions of your site.  The objective here is to make the website more intuitive so that visitors could easily and conveniently meet their goals. This results in an improvement of quality interaction between the website user and all the facets of the website. UX is hence more analytical and technical then UI.

UI and UX while being two different things, must however work concurrently in conjuction as one to ensure that the ultimate goal is achieved — to convey important information to your web visitors in a clear, aesthetically pleasing and concise manner possible to grab the attention as long as possible.

Web Redesign Stages

Analysis of web tasks

We compile all relevant data and content from your existing website. We determine the best website format based on this content and key tasks.

Design of structure

We build upon this studied information by designing a logical and convenient website skeleton. This stage aims to better manage users’ actions and attention in the future.

Shaping of design

When creating the webpages, we cover all possible user scenarios in relation to the completion of mention tasks in order to not miss out any details.

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